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Winter Wedding Planning

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Dreaming of having a cosy winter wedding? We have put together a few winter wedding planning tips to help your day run as smoothly as possible.


Book your wedding venue

Although Christmas is a busy time of year for weddings it is also a busy time for work parties and business events, If you have dreamed of having your Christmas winter wedding at the stately home down the road then get your venue booked and secure your date.

Winter Wedding Planning - Grims Dyke Hotel

Wedding Decorations

Ask your venue what seasonal decorations they have up at that time of year. Ask to see pictures of last year’s decorations to make sure you are happy with the theme and colours.

Add a touch of romance with soft lighting and warm candlelit glows.


Plan ahead

Plan for all scenarios: high winds, floods, snow (you get the picture) and ask all vendors the “what if” questions and what plans they have in place to deal with each eventuality.


Be prepared to compromise

Due to daylight hours being shorter and extreme weather conditions you may not be able to get all the outside photos you expected. Make a contingency plan and have a spot indoors that will work for group photos should the weather turn bad.

Your florist will tell you that the range of flowers will be limited at this time of year. If you have always dreams of a bouquet full of peonies than a winter wedding may not be for you.


It will be cold

Wrap up, get yourself a faux fur stole or cape and do the same for your bridesmaids. There is nothing worst than seeing goose pimples skin in your photos.

Embrace the winter colours – deep berry reds and dark purple make for the most striking photos.

Have some umbrellas at hand. Should you have a shower you want to be able to get from A to B without getting soaked. You can get some really inexpensive clear umbrellas from most shops on the high street.

Brides make sure you have a different pair of shoes for your photo session (preferably boots). You don’t want to ruin your wedding shoes as you walk across the grass and sink into the mud.

Winter Wedding Planning - Grims Dyke Hotel

Think of your Guests

Put on transportation for your guests. They will thank you for it when they don’t look like a drowned rat in all your photos and you will to.

Make sure your guest have the option of a warm drink (mulled wine at Christmas always goes down well). It can be cold waiting around for the bridal party to finish their portrait session. If guests are warm and comfortable it will be much more of an enjoyable experience.

Consider having a cloakroom service where guests can hang up their coats. This way they are not cluttering your reception room by putting them on the back of your chairs,  covering the pretty bows you spent months picking out.

Most of all have fun embrace the season and create some amazing memories at a magical time of year.


Please see below a winter wedding did last December at The Grims Dyke Hotel, Old Redding to get some winter Wedding planning tips.


Have you had a winter wedding? Leave any tips winter wedding planning tips you have below.


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