Why should i have a Wedding Videographer?

The greatest thing about video is that it moves! You will be able to go back and see the way your dress swayed as you walked down the aisle, your grandmother doing the latest social dance, or the way your father squeezed your hand just before giving you away. It’s the organic way we see life, and truly captures the emotion of the day.

The biggest stand out between photo and video is it has the opportunity to capture the sound of your wedding day. Trust me, the day will go by in a whirlwind. You won’t remember the heartfelt speech given by the Maid of Honor, or the way the Father of the Bride choked up while speaking about how his new son in law likes to make his daughter smile. It’s things that may be remembered in the moment, but can fade away over time. And it’s not just the big things like speeches and your vows, but little things, like the collective awe from your bridesmaids as you turn around from putting your dress on. Your wedding video allows you to go back and relive those moments as they truly happened.

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Another reason I have couples contact me about, is that they don’t want to miss certain aspects of their wedding. Often couples miss the majority of their cocktail hour because they are taking photos, But it goes beyond that. The couple is often hidden away until the ceremony, and they don’t get to see the reaction of the guests, video allows you to go back and see the things you weren’t around for, and watch you and your guest enjoy your wedding day.

Ask any modern wedding videographer, and they will tell you they are above all, a storyteller. We strive to create a film for you that tells the story of your wedding day. We do this by combining cinematic and artistic footage with music and the audio of your wedding day. Combining all these elements creates an unique feel to every film I make. A film that represents you as a couple and tells your love story.

I think all the above reasons really tie into this final reason of why you should have a wedding video. It is the best way to truly relive your wedding day; the emotion, the joy, and the happiness. See your day as it actually happened, and relive every moment.

Is video something you are considering? Or perhaps your are fighting to convince someone that is something they will love. I hope these few reasons can pull someone over to saying ‘yes’ to this amazing experience. If you’d like to know more about wedding films or my services, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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