We are a Family of Filmmakers and Photographers

At heart, we are very much romantics, which is why we love documenting weddings!   We had our epiphany  when we got married on 01st June 2011.  Which is when we both realised a LOVE for Weddings. We started Serenity in 2013, utilising our love of storytelling We are always privileged to film and photograph a day of celebration with our couple’s family and friends, as they begin their lives together. Married our ourselves means that we fully understand what couples require but also what it takes to piece together the perfect day. Videography and Photography have been a passion of ours for over a decade and with our experience, creativity and insight it means we are able to produce and document the real essence of the day as it unfolds.

Hannah Adams - Photographer

John Adams - Videographer

  I have always loved taking photos, if you ask any of my friends at school they will laugh and tell you I always had a camera in hand and loved organising people into what I thought was the best photograph. My real passion came when myself and my husband got married, I spent hours looking through photographic work online and just knew this is the path I wanted to take. Since then I have spent my time learning, practicing and fine tuning my skills I am a mummy of two beautiful girls and realise all to well that time does not stand still, we grow older, our lives change and loved ones are no longer with us. This is what drives me to create memories that people can treasure for a lifetime. I specialise in lifestyle photography, capturing special moments with your loved ones.  The work I produce will capture memories that will be passed down to future generation, leaving our own little mark in history. Hannah x

  Videography is my passion, I cant quite explain in words how much of an honor it is to be part of your special day, meeting all your family and friends and capturing that laughter and fun that being united in one room brings, producing something so special for you and your family that can be passed down through the generation. The buzz I get when my couples receive their production and they are on the phone in tears, just knowing that I have done their day justice truly makes my job worthwhile. I am a calm, level-headed individual who enjoys meeting new, unique people I like to challenge myself daily by teaching myself many new things but always find time to spend those special moments with my wife and companion Hannah and gorgeous girls Evelyn and Orla. John.

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