10 Wedding Planning Tip’s

10 Wedding Planning Tip’s


Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 Wedding Planning Tip’s. So lets jump right in and get started with number one.


1. Enjoy being engaged

It’s a special time and you are just in this beautiful bubble. It’s nice to be able to just appreciate it, make an announcement, have a party and enjoy.


2. Advanced planning

Talk through your ideas and work out your vision. Scrapbook pictures from magazines, go on Pintrest and create some boards. Work out what you love and what you hate. You can show these ideas to vendors, so they can truly understand you and your partner’s wishes. Have an idea of a budget and how many guests you would like to attend your wedding.


3. Choose a date

You can’t start planning anything until you have a date set. Make sure to think about bank holidays, travel time for people living in different areas and possibly countries, school holidays and other important up and coming family events. All these things can affect if your guests will be able to attend your wedding.


4. Secure a venue

Venues get booked up a year or two in advanced especially on a Saturday in wedding season. Once you have set your date check, out some different venues and secure your date with them. Make sure your venue allows you to fulfill your vision. No point in dreaming about ice sculptures and light up dance floors if this is something your venue won’t or cannot allow and make sure they can accommodate your numbers.


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5. Send out save the dates

Once you have your date and your venue booked, send out save the dates to make sure all the important people you want there have the date set in their diary’s. No need for details – that will follow on your formal invite.


6. Detailed budget and organization

Now you know how long you have to save for your wedding, you need to sit down and create a detailed spreadsheet with everything that needs to be purchased for the wedding. Make sure you leave yourself a 10% contingency for any unforeseen costs. Also make sure you look out for VAT. Ask vendors if the price is inclusive of VAT – you don’t want an extra 20% added to your bill at the end that you hadn’t accounted for. Make sure you get all communications with vendors in writing. This way there is no misunderstanding about who said what.


7. Book your main wedding venders

Vendors like photographers, videographers, makeup artists, caterers all get booked up a year or two in advanced, so decide who you would like to work with and get those deposits paid. Most vendors will not require payment in full till closer to your wedding date.



8. Decide on your bridal party

Choose the people who you would like to be in your bridal party – Best Man, ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys. Make sure the people you choose are up to the job. You want people around you who you can delegate to and are going to make your day fun and keep you relaxed.


9. Go dress shopping

Have an open mind when going dress shopping. Sometimes the vision you have always dreamed of just does not look right and the dress you didn’t think you would like ends up being to one (this happened to me). Talk to the ladies in the shop and let them make a suggestion – after all this is their job.


10. Itinerary

Set out a detailed schedule / itinerary with all the names and numbers of suppliers on it. Make sure you outline the times that everyone needs to be in a certain place and when the main events of the day are taking place. Send a copy to vendors then hand this over to your bridal party and let them take responsibility for any issues that may arise.


Bonus Tip! 

Relax and have fun you only get married once (hopefully) so just enjoy it! And be sure to document it to the full so you have beautiful memories to look back on for years to come.


Please leave me a comment and let me know what your wedding planning tips are.


Happy Planning

Hannah xxx


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